Where the skillful understanding of the process automation requirement of the customer and the Passion of Machine building with technical expertise, meets. Automatic component Loading/ Unloading and Automated process in shop floor, for consistent quality in process and delivery, is what we build. Trust of our customers is the best gain of ours, because of our Win – Win – Win philosophy.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help Manufacturing sector to produce consistent quality productd by our innovative and reliable machines of important process activities which leads to reduced rejection rate and increased profitability and hence creating a strong positive impact on our country’s manufacturing ecosystem.

Our Values and Core Principles

We deliver Value addition or Nothing. Our uncompromised criteria in every product is that, it should satisfy the criteria of WIN-WIN-WIN pholosophy.

Our Message

We at Tevah Automations Pvt Ltd, help manufacturing companies with our creative customised automation solutions for various manufacturing processes and their other production activities. The kind of customers who love our work are the one who wants to be consistent in their product quality and delivery. Our products are carefully customised machines meeting the exact need of the customer that provides consistent and reliable results, which are tangible and proven